Ever since I can remember, fishing has been a major part of my life and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Since I was a child, I’ve had the pleasure of fishing for everything from Bluegills to the Blue Marlin, which I’ve never caught to date and don’t really care to.

I really like the fact that every fisherman has their own personal way to fish, and of course the kind of fish they love to land.

You could say I’ve gone full circle with the different types of fishing gear, baits, boats, etc. but there are many other types of fish I’ve never hooked into yet!

To this day, my very favorite way to catch fish is still with a worm and bobber!  A bit simplistic, but still the best way to catch any fish I go after.

The best part of fishing for me is being with my life partner Karen, as we can experience being out on a lake or canal and becoming an integral part of nature, seeing all the different events that take place and the variety of fish we catch.

Freshwater fishing is our personal choice, so the fish in this photo are only a sample of that variety.  That particular day we fished, we caught and released many bluegills, but kept two Mayan Cichlids, one Blue Nile Tilapia, and a monster Largemouth Bass that measured a whopping 22” and only weighed just over 4 lbs. 

Since we camp a lot, we have the opportunity to fish many bodies of water; as a result, we catch many kinds of fish, of which I love eating!

For us, fishing fun has its rewards, and we’re rewarded not only with great eating fish, but living life as we choose and enjoying every minute of it.

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