Get Paid to Fish! New Fishing Home Based Business Start Up Looking for Founder's

That's right, if you like to fish and get paid like the pro's, a new homed based business opportunity is looking for founders. Get a FREE 5 day, 6 night Alaska fishing vacation when you become a founder of great business opportunity.

Let’s Get Fishing is the Opportunity of a Lifetime that allows YOU to capitalize on the $125 Billion Fishing Industry combined with the $ 7 Trillion Travel Industry. With 40 Million Fisherman in the US, everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made... shouldn’t YOU be the one making that money?

Let’s Get Fishing … has something for everyone! We’ve got it all! Exclusive and proprietary Fishing Adventure Site, Plus Videos, Pictures, Fourm, Blogs plus Discount Hotels, Cruises & Condos, Discount Travel, and much more...

All you have to do is ask one question... DO YOU LIKE TO FISH?

Imagine how it will feel to have an extra $300, or even an extra $2,000 or more coming into your house, month after month, generating a growing stream of additional income for you and your family. Yes, you can!
LGF combines Travel and everyday Discounts with the proven power of home-based business. Harness your passion and love for the sport of fishing to provide what everyone needs additional income stream.

What is Let’s Get Fishing?

It is a Social Network of Anglers who love fishing!
It is a Membership organization with HUGE travel discounts and benefits.
It is a business opportunity like no other on the net!
Why Fishing?

OUR MARKET: The Sport of Fishing Industry is Huge!

The American Sportfishing Association research shows that American Fishermen created $125 Billion in overall economic impact!
In 2008 the American public purchased 40 million fishing licenses
650 million dollars in license sales alone.
Sport fishing produced more economic activity than the Gross Domestic Products of 23 states!
Fishing supported more than 1 million jobs.
More Americans Fish than play Golf and Tennis COMBINED!
If Fishing were a corporation, it would be 47th on the Fortune 500 list.


Here's your opportunity to be one of the TOP 200 FOUNDERS of Let's Get Fishing! During this soft launch period we will ONLY be selling FOUNDERS POSITIONS. Our pre-launch will be March 1, 2010.


$4,000 Founder - 1 Alaska 5 Night 6 Day Fishing Trip to McDougall Lodge!

For more information on becoming a founder/investor in this incredible fishing business opportunity, drop me a line or call Brent Vanderstelt at 231-206-5333 for more information.

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Comment by Brent Vanderstelt on January 3, 2010 at 3:35pm
YES! It is multilevel marketing, also known as network marketing, relationship marketing and dozens of other names such as home based business,etc.etc. MLM's are legitimate business opportunities and are not the same as an pryamid scheme, which ARE ILLEGAL.
Comment by on January 2, 2010 at 7:43pm
This looks like MLM to me.
Comment by Brent Vanderstelt on January 2, 2010 at 8:16am
No, it is not, they became YTB Outdoors and struggled and died (almost) there as they lost control after the merger. Let's Get Fishing is a similar concept, but lower entery fees. I was with huntn nd fishin biz, and then YTB when hey merged but left shortly afterwards when they (YTB) began to have some issues.
Comment by Eric Thomas on December 24, 2009 at 11:59pm
is this the same as Hunt-n- & Fishin" Biz..... Was?

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