Another AWESOME!! weekend in Boca Grande with a PTTS Double Header!

We started this weekend off pre-fishing ‘practicing’ on Saturday and had a tough day.  Rougher than normal seas caused our team to miss four fish but they got the ‘feel’ for the bite none the less and we were excited going into Sunday for tournaments 3 and 4.

The morning tournament (7am-10am) started with a few boats hooking up but most boats, us included, were having a hard time getting bit. We ended up missing 2 fish but kept our heads up looking into the second tournament. 

The second tournament (11am-2pm) brought a quick flurry of hook ups with fish flying everywhere.  After watching two fish land in boats on Saturday, we were praying that it wouldn’t happen again.  Just when the flurry of hookups were dying down, Chris, one of our team members this week gets a solid hookup and it was off to the races. Early in the fight Chris and Co-Capt. Jason Hyatt thought the fish may have gotten the line hung on the bottom, Capt. Kevin Brotz grabbed the rod to see what was going on and assured everyone that it was indeed a fish and they would have to pry the rod out of his hands to get it back. HaHa. After maneuvering through a pile of boats and putting serious pressure on the fish we got a leader touch and eventually a release gaff went into the fishes’ mouth.  High fives and fist pumps all around, Team Get Bit Outdoors headed to the scales!! 

The fish ended up weighing in at 114lbs, smaller than hoped but a solid fish none the less.  We held 3rd place for a little while before being bumped down to 7th.

The adrenaline was on high and we had a great time!! Everyone did a great job and we are looking forward to next week.

If anyone is looking for the time of their lives and wanting to fish Boca Grande, we have two seats open for this weekend’s tournament. Send us a message ASAP.

~Tight Lines

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