Puerto Vallarta fishing in May signals a shift in the bait movement, Pacific Ocean waters and the fishing. The starting of May the fishing changes as the waters start warming up and the bait starts moving in. When the water start warming up around 77 to 80 deg.  we start seeing more baitcoming into the bay and offshore. When we start seeing bait balls and schools of bait on the surface with these warm waters this is made is good fishing.

The Puerto Vallarta fishing in May with these warm Waters and all the bait showing up they start to see the tuna action get hot. Tuna action can pop up anywhere inside the bay. Not uncommon to see large schools breaking the water. We also get some of the larger Tunas offshore. A couple of really good spots that we like to fish. Some of the best ways to catch these Tunis kite fishing and of course they all fall back is live baiting and high-speed lures.

When we see the water warm up offshore this is great time for the Marlin . These warm waters and bait bring in the Big Blue Marlin and the big black marlin along with some of the striped Marlin as well. This  time of the year every spring we love to fish with live bait for the big ones . When fishing with a 10 pound bait something big is going to strike. Come out and try some really big game fishing with us.

With all this bait we see a lot of mahi-mahi hanging around usually up on the North side of the Bay. Mahi-mahi love the live bait, pitch baits and of course the black Bart lures as well. Not uncommon to find a structure offshore that could hold 20 to 30 mahi-mahi there for the taking lots of pitch baits is what we use. As you can see the tuna , Marlin the mahi-mahi fishing is heating up for the month of May here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

Come down enjoy some of this great action. The people that don't think money can buy happiness and never been on one of our deep sea fishing charters here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Tight Lines

Capt. Pete and crews


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