Puerto Vallarta Mexico fishing in June. Here we are in Puerto Vallarta and  getting ready for summer and Father's Day which just passed a few days ago. There are more exciting events coming up here in Mexico as far as deep sea fishing goes. The water is already warming up 80 deg.  and the fishing is heating up as well.

Summer rolls around it's time for us captains and owners to start getting out the new line 50 lb. minimum all the way up to the 80 or a hundred pound for the big marlins that we're going to start seeing very soon. We love to fish in the summer here because you never know what you're going to catch. Summer fishing here in June is great for Marlin, sailfish mahi -mahi and some really big tuna's.  One of the best months to fish here in Puerto Vallarta.

Some of the best spots for the tunas or going to be over by Yelapa on the South Shore seems to always be really good during a full moon fishing with live bait like goggle eye.   Another great spot that we love to try with the bigger baits for bigger Tunas is the Corbetena  get there early in the morning load up the tuna tubes with some 5 to 10 lb. Bonitas kick back and wait for the Big Tuna or huge Marlin to crash those baits. You've never lived until you had a big marlin or Big Tuna crash at 10 pound bait on the surface. It's fishing Action in Puerto Vallarta that you'll never forget.

Love the summertime fishing here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  This is the time of the year where you can get into the big schools are Tunas schools of mahi-mahi and still have a good chance that one of the big marlin and big tuna is all in the same day.

So what are you waiting for come on down here to beautiful Puerto Vallarta in June and enjoy some of this great action that we're having here. Give us a call toll-free for the latest report 800 4306048 and current conditions. If we can't catch it you don't want to hook it. Remember we can take from 2 to 200 on any given day right here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

Captain Pete and Crews




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