still some big schools out dee and the flippin bite is on strong

The lack of reports the last two weeks is due to our little MiFi - wifi internet device being lost and isn’t from lack of being on the water. The last few weeks I have been covered up and while we have had a few tough days most days have been awesome. The numbers have been really good and the size is there, it just takes a little current and getting the school fired up to have a pretty awesome time. If there is no current the bite is pretty non-existant and it feels like the dead sea out there. On the really tough days we can still catch a good bag but it is a lot of work. Several days over the past few weeks when we had the schools going is was nothing to catch around 25 pounds in 20 to 30 min. and one of the most memorable days here lately was a trip I done with a few youngsters. One was going to be a freshman in high school next year and his brother is going to be in the eighth grade. On this day we got started really late, around 9:30 or so but when we got to our first stop is was on fire and in the first 30 min. we caught 25 or so and had over 25lbs. They had the football jig down and while I was catching them on a crankbait I couldn’t get them to lay the jig down. That day we probably caught 60 or so. Two days after that they didn’t pull any current and we only had 15 to 20 fish.
The big thing right now is current, without it things are tough. Just remember that you probably don’t eat all the time either so when things are slow it’s just a matter of time until they do. Just let the current start going and the dinner bell is ringing.

I have next Wed. the 26th open and a half day available in the afternoon on the 27th. I have a few days each week in July open also.

If you like to beat the heat we have been starting around 5 to 5:30 and can have a full day in by 1 or 1:30.

I am also doing trips where we fish out of your boat for a discounted rate.

Call or email to set up your day and get in on some of the action.

Curt Staley’s Pro Guide Service
Lake Guntersville, Al
Email –
Cell number is 256-990-0376

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