Recently I wondered about my obsession with fly-fishing. Some call it a sport, but I believe that fly-fishing is a true art.

The artists tools are as follows: The Canvas. The Pallette, Color, Brush, Imagination, and finally Creation or Realization.

How are these tools applied to Fly Fishing? Well, lets begin with the Canvas. A Canvas is the basis of any painting. It is the matter upon which colors can be applied and a brush finds resistance. In fly fishing, the canvas corresponds to the stream. It is the place upon which the art is practiced.

The Pallette, is where we mix and take our color from. In the case of fly fishing, our pallette is our fly box. From it we take the many colored flies...the paint if you will.

As many Masters of the past, some fly fishing artists have carefully prepared their colors from raw get just the right color. This process has become an art unto itself and is usually known as fly-tying.

This color is then applied to our brush, the flyrod. This is where skill is required in our strokes to carefully and expertly place our bit of color on the canvas. This skill is almost an art in itself and requires time to master.

Imagination is the source of art. It is the impitous. What the imagination sees is a trout behind that rock...perhaps in that run...or maybe further down in the pool. Sometimes you can't make him out.

If our imagination leads to a successful application of color and technique, we will see a work of art that will leap right out at us. That art is a trout.

And...finally as all good art, we discover that the beauty and majesty of God reflected therein, leaves us in wonder and awe..

God Bless You.

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Comment by Shane Moulton on July 6, 2008 at 12:59pm
wow, well put! Thats an amazing analogy!
Comment by Salmo salar on July 6, 2008 at 5:57am
An 11 year old looking over my shoulder while I read and admired this said "now I want to go fishing"! Looking back up the page I thought to myself what a worthy aspiration. After all is not beauty in the eye of the beholder.
beautiful work.............

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