Walleye Tournament- Father's Day Weekend 2009

Had my big walleye tournament out on Lake Winnebago this past weekend. Saturday we weighed in with 15.24 pounds for 5 fish. We were sitting in 24th place! Not Bad! Then came sunday, Hot, humid, full sun, no wind & the lake flies were hatching. I had flies in my eyes, my nose, my ears and even swallowed some, I guess a little extra protein never killed no one!! Hahaha.... Downright nasty things!! We managed to pull 5 fish on sunday for a weight of 9.70 pounds. Very tough conditions.... Total weight for us for the tourney was 24.94 pounds & wasn't enough to even cash a check.
:( Boo Hoo, Hoo. We ended up around 80th place out of 320.

Better Luck next time I guess..


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Comment by Rippn-Lips Tackle Company on June 25, 2009 at 1:41pm
Hehehe Thanks Patrick! The fishing was very good on saturday. We were actually throwing back 18 inchers in hoping of upgrading bigger fish. That's the way it goes with tournaments. Better luck next time!

Comment by Donna J. on June 23, 2009 at 2:53pm
It was hot and muggy? Lucky you! Been downright cold here in Vermont. We've been having to light campfires beside the river at night to keep warm when we're catfishing.
80th out of 320 isn't bad.
The bugs are though. can't stand the nasty little critters.
Have fun!

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