Leroy's Fishing Videos (34)

  • Crappie Release

    Crappie Release 0:07

    Caught about 15 nice crappie over 10in. let them all go Leroy Jun 6, 2011 75 views

  • Pike 38in

    Pike 38in 0:17

    My 2nd biggest yet. Got him on a gill. My tape measure only goes to 37in, he maxed that out and wen… Leroy Jun 3, 2011 37 views

  • Pike

    Pike 0:47

    caught on a gill too. Gotta skip foward a bot since I was alone I had to start the video early to i… Leroy Jun 1, 2011 20 views

  • Pike

    Pike 01:13

    Getting the bigger pike on gills Leroy Jun 1, 2011 54 views

  • 36inPIKE

    36inPIKE 0:32

    got him on a blue gill Leroy May 25, 2011 40 views

  • Pike 37in

    Pike 37in 0:05

    Got him on a blue gill opening morning at 630am Leroy May 9, 2011 35 views

  • Pike 37in opening morning

    Pike 37in opening morning 0:14

    got him on a blue gill Leroy May 9, 2011 33 views

  • carp

    carp 0:18

    big carp in the lower left of the hole, you can see his tail. he stayed there for a few hours. I ca… Leroy Mar 7, 2011 51 views

  • icefishing pike BC

    icefishing pike BC 01:44

    caught a ton of these the last 2 weeks Leroy Mar 7, 2011 17 views

  • 33inpikeoncrappie

    33inpikeoncrappie 02:54

    got this guy on the last day of game fish season. he took a small crappie I had caught that day. Leroy Mar 7, 2011 35 views

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